The Role of Ford Trucks in Australian Agriculture and Farming

It’s hard to deny that Ford trucks have long been part of the rural landscape. Whether it is the beef stations in the Pilbara or the lush green hills of Tasmania, these trucks have kept farmers going for years.  

If you know anything about the agricultural sector in Australia, you’ll know that it is as diverse as it is demanding. Each agricultural area throws unique challenges at farmers and producers and having a reliable truck can make the difference between getting the day’s jobs done and sitting in the shed fixing your ute.  

One question that is often asked is what a Ford truck has that farmers and producers need. And it isn’t just one thing:  

Strength and Durability – Farmers are looking for vehicles that can handle some harsh conditions – flood, fire damage, and even snow in some areas. Ford trucks have a robust chassis and a powerful engine which can help travel over rough terrain, haul heavy loads and withstand the big changes in temperature.  

Versatility is Key – One truck doesn’t fit all, and this is why Ford has a range of models that can help you whether you are trucking sheep, need to tow machinery or delivering produce to market.  

Innovative Technology – as times move, our vehicles need to move to. It’s probably unsurprising that Ford hasn’t been left behind with new innovations and technology including driver-assist features and improved fuel. These trucks can even be retrofitted with telematics systems that allow farmers with multiple vehicles the ability to monitor their fleet and optimise operations.  


A Symbol of Community  


Rural areas are often well regarded for their sense of community and hard work. Owning a Ford truck in rural Australia is a symbol of hard work, dedication and a deep connection to community. In many areas, these utes are passed down through generations, and many a young person has learnt to drive on the farm or down the main street in a Ford ute. They often become part of family history, being mentioned in stories and memories for years.  

Fords have woven themselves into the Australian agricultural lifestyle – they help get the work done, they get you where you need to go on short and long journeys, and their strength is a symbol of resilience and self-reliance – reflecting those driving them.  


What are the Best Ford Trucks for Australian Farmers?  


The new Ford F-150 is looking like it is going to be a great choice for those living in a rural area. With four dual-cab versions being offered, these trucks have plenty of room inside. And it isn’t just room that drivers are looking forward to; the F-150 features more cup holders than you could possibly need, under-seat storage in the back, and a power socket for a fridge or laptop. One of the big talking points is the stowable gear lever, allowing you to create a flat workspace when the car is parked.  

This is a big car, but with all the space available, you’ll have all the room you need for passengers and gear.  

The Ford F-250 is a heavy-duty truck and has been one of the most popular and best-selling Ford truck lines in the country for some time. The F-250 is designed for towing, easily towing trailers, boats, and other large loads. The F-250 is available in different cabin configurations, including regular cab, SuperCab, and SuperCrew, providing options for seating capacity and interior space, and like many other vehicles, it contains various technological features, such as advanced infotainment systems, connectivity options, and driver-assistance features. 

The F-250 is a vehicle purchased for a purpose rather than just your farm runabout.  

The Ford F-350 is a heavy-duty truck and is part of the Ford F-Series Super Duty lineup. This truck is designed to handle even more substantial towing and hauling tasks compared to the F-250, so if you need to tow daily, this is a good choice. There’s an intuitive infotainment system boasting a responsive touchscreen interface, seamless smartphone integration, and wireless Bluetooth capabilities, as well as top-tier safety enhancements such as blind-spot detection and an adaptive cruise control system. 

With a towing capacity of 13,600kg, and off-Road capability with skid plates & all-terrain tires, if you need a truck that can haul heavy loads regularly, without losing the comfort and aesthetics the latest Fords are known for, the F-350 is perfect.  


How to Choose a Truck for Your Farm  


Choosing the right vehicle for your farm will likely involve some serious considerations of what you need, what your budget is, and what vehicles are available to meet any specific challenges you face daily.  


Intended Use – take the time to identify the tasks you need to perform in the ute including transporting livestock, carrying feed or towing trailers.  


Payload Capacity – determine how much you will need to carry weight wise in any one trip, including tools, equipment and supplies. You’ll need to know the payload capacity to ensure you can carry everything you need.  


Towing Capacity – there’s a good chance you’re going to be towing trailers or other heavy loads so make sure that the towing capacity aligns with your needs.  


Engine Power and Fuel Efficiency – Choose a vehicle with an engine that provides sufficient power for your needs while considering fuel efficiency. If you are a significant distance from town, your fuel economy can impact overall operating costs. 


Interior Features – Consider the comfort and convenience features, especially if the ute will be used for long hours. Features like air conditioning, adjustable seats, room to work and modern infotainment systems can enhance the overall driving experience. 


Warranty and After-Sales Support – Check the warranty and the availability of after-sales support. A good warranty can provide peace of mind, especially for a vehicle used in demanding conditions. 

Remember to test drive prospective utes to get a feel for their handling, comfort, and performance. And if you still aren’t sure which ute to buy, consult with local dealerships and other local farmers who may have experience with the specific models you’re considering. 

Looking to replace your farm vehicle and think a Ford truck may be the key? Speak to our friendly team at FTrucks WA and see how we can help.  


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